iFlights Fixed Wing

Pressure is a way of life for IT development organisations. The demand from the business for new application functionality is unrelenting. At the same time, resources are limited because of the ever present need to contain costs. For these reasons it is absolutely vital that everyone on your quality team, from designers and developers through to QA and users have the best tools to maximise their productivity and respond to business needs quickly.

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iFlights Fixed Wing focuses to cover the real business process happened Inside any airline company, We have amazing solution for Rostering and scheduling. By Communicating all Aviation information started from Commercial departement going to operation and doing Training validation for all previous steps with Consideration of Maintainance check and Maintainance scheduel, Moreover getting the actual data through OCC department and Producing better Reports and statistical information for Top Managament.

  • Commercial Module

Best implementation for planning flights/sectors for any coming period.
Fully Integrated with Rostering Module by enabling live alerts for available roster or any new versions initiated from existing one.

  • Check slots availability.
  • Operators/Clients Management, Manage Tour operators’ info inside the system.
  • Schedule/ Schedule Versions Management, Setup and create commercial schedule entries based on the commercial plan – initiate the complete plan.
  • Add chain of flights in easy manner.
  • Fleet watch / Fleet Management.
  • Check fleet status and manage flights with aircrafts.
  • Sectors Overlap Handling
    System validate and handling any possible overlapping for sectors may happened while changing sectors information (Departure/Arrival) times.
  • Aircraft route checking.
  • Training Module

Managing all learning transactions for the company stuff by follow up all applicable courses, licenses, checks and training programs with its affection to scheduling and planning.
Fully Integrated with Rostering Module by release only available crew to be assigned on sectors fleet, ability to handle requests from Rostering to allow release more crew in case of emergency by changing training plan.

  • Pilot / Cabin crew Profile Management and monitoring.
  • Notification system for following up applicable courses, licenses, checks and training programs.
  • Planning of recurrent and initial training.
  • Build your company Training Manual on system dynamically .
  • The ability to create dynamic rules related to a course prerequisite.
  • Alert functionality if prerequisite requirements are not attained.
  • Ability to track and, if desired, automatically update crew records and expiry information.
  • Manage Annual / Monthly Training Plan.
  • Rostering Module

  • handling Flight time limitation validation while assign any crew member for better quality schedule without any time violation problems.
  • Base City Management.
  • Crew Duty management.
  • Crew Pairings Construction.
  • Manual Crew Assignment with fully automated crew legality and flight coverage checks.
  • Leave management
  • Crew Medical/Training records, flight / Duty / Credit hours updates based on actual flight departure /arrival information
  • Implement and validate all Flight Time limitation regulations
  • Crew Portal

Facilitating the communication among the crew and planning/scheduling departments.
  • View Schedule.
  • Leave management.
  • Profile monitoring.
  • Crew notification lists following flight and crew schedule changes.
  • iFlights Voyage

iPad application helps pilot to fill voyage report electronically and on-time once the flight ended. It saves time and directly informs all stack holders with actual data/ times of finished flight.

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